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Cause: Global Warming

Effect: Climate Change

Answer: Awareness

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     These pages are reserved for articles / white papers / academic questioning / proposals that supports the concept that righteous businesses making a profit by "going-green" within a natural harmonic balance of nature.

What is needed is that WE, the democratic shareholders of the whole shrinking world are informed of the day-by-days actions of our so-called leaders heading in the wrong direction. Why, because we as a supposedly intelligent life-form only have seconds left before becoming extinct.

You may already be convinced by dramatic speakers from a fundamentalist left, or extreme right, that they are in control of who lies or dies. That they are smarter than the average voter, who really could make a difference. if, they believed the Creator of this Big Bang experiment, in a ying-yang moment, somehow has always provided an Age Appropriate Answer— as when the time for a Carbon based Oil/Coal Industry, already depleted, has passed.

What WE need to understand is that the Age of Intelligence will be built upon minerals most people have never heard anything about. So now is the time, especially as soft coal mining is fazing out, to go almost zero impact underground for "smart" minerals with a newly being formed, ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA, to bring to a new/old concrete to fill a demand for affordable shelter in an over-priced (now also war torn) housing market.

Our inaugural Winter issue featured bringing back a volcanic intrusive material known as Roman Cement Nepheline Syenite, where just one of the futuristic uses is to make a living by ECO-GEOPOLYMER-CONCRETE actually selling bags of as a physical product, instead of paper promises.

Small miners are having problems with filing a plan of actionClick the Cover to Read This Featured article,

For the Mining Law of 1872 Library go to

The question of "why haven't I heard of a forest fire resistant (4 hrs at 3,000 degrees) hydraulic strong (surviving flash flooding, hurricanes)" is perhaps best explained away by,

1) PAC politics

2) Monopolistic Trade Practices

3) Financial Oligarchy Control

This part two continuation on the underground permitting problems the ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete thoughts were confirmed by Koch Industries (as reported by CBS) refusing to join in a business boycott of Russia, of their Nepheline Syenite mines.

This photo of a open pit is a neighboring Georgia Pacific / Weyerhauser Multi-national Real Estate Trust, crossing an apex lateral claim line on Table Mountain, Oregon Nepheline Syenite deposit.

To avoid tainting our public based opinions with graphic advertising, we are really only soliciting freelance "white paper" opinions. The payment for accepted articles is the running of an "in good taste" banner ad, of your choice. As the example below, selling the coffee table book of editor Barry Murray's pioneering the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail—with a lot of help in 1969-70 with a US Forest Service that lived up to "Caring for the Land and Serving People".

An ECO way to go green by not using Portland CementClick the Cover to Read This Featured article,

To reach the EGC CEO— Lucas Poncedeleon

ECO minded;, and would also like to remind voters that care about small businesses success though the Mining Law of 1872 mineral entry, that really big mines (most controlled by multinational financial conglomerates) besides ducking taxes, do not pay any mining royalty into the US Treasury.

 This 20-page, safe to open Acrobat PDF, has Scientific Proof about the concrete it will take to build back better.

This professional paper may be freely shared, intact, by those on the side of GLOBAL survival. Similar white papers opinions are needed for publishing.

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